Stress Management & Lifeskills Consultancy

why do we need lifeskills?

We all have stress in our lives - it is a natural part of living, and small amounts can even be good for us. But when the balance tips, and stress levels become too high, we can end up suffering from all sorts of physical and emotional health problems. A build up of stress can lead to increased blood pressure, chest pains, digestive problems such as IBS, headaches and muscular tension as well as anxiety, depression, sleep problems, relationship and social issues. Research suggests that stress can also bring on or worsen certain symptoms or diseases.
Often, when people are already feeling overwhelmed, the common solution is to go your GP - which is a good thing to do. However, the answer often takes the form of prescription medication, which despite sometimes being helpful, does little to solve the cause of the problems and can mask the symptoms whilst appearing to encourage people to 'block out' the unwanted stressors.
More often, the most successful form of dealing with stress, and it's associated health problems, is being able to talk about the issues in a non-judgemental and supportive environment. We can not always expect to eliminate stress altogether, but learning to manage it more effectively can help to relieve many associated problems.



Stress Management and Lifeskills sessions are an essential way to manage busy and ever-changing lifestyles.They help a person to identify and explore stressors in their life in a safe and supportive environment. Being able to take a step back and put things in perspective, whilst recovering lost knowledge and learning a range of new coping skills can help you manage the stress, enable you to relax, enjoy life a little more and feel more in control. 

Learn about the psycho-education and neuroscience of stress management whilst exploring a range of cognitive, behavioural, emotional coping skills; as well as physical (exercises, stretches or relaxation), and practical skills in an individual or group setting. These sessions can also be beneficial to those individuals requiring support around anger management, anxiety management and post traumatic stress disorder.

what are lifeskills sessions?

individual sessions

Individual Stress Management & Lifeskills sessions include a consultation or discussion about relevant life events and goals that the person wishes to target. A variety of cognitive, behavioural, emotional, physical and practical skills and techniques that are specifically identified for the individual will be explored, taught and practised.
The sessions include relevant resources and potential homework opportunities to gain maximum benefit from the sessions.
60 minutes     £38
6 x 60 minute course     £199 (save £29 - when paid in full at start)

'holistic health' well-being package

To gain maximum physical and emotional benefit and well-being, Holistic Health offers the ultimate in total mind and body connection. These sessions include a 60 minute individual Stress Management & Lifeskills session plus a 30 minute holistic therapy of your choice
90 minutes     £55
6 x 90 minute course     £285
(save £45 - when paid in full at start)

Group stress management courses

For those people that do not mind sharing and learning within a group setting, and who may want a more economical alternative, Holistic Health runs regular group Stress Management courses and workshops for up to 10 people. These sessions will be 'closed' in nature, meaning the same group of participants for the entirety of the course, which results in a more supportive and productive environment for sharing and learning new skills. Bespoke courses are also available on demand, please contact for more details.
For more information about when and where the next group is running please see the Stress Relief Courses page