Provide your staff with quality, professional stress management training; workshops or onsite massage that can reduce stress-related illnesses and absences, whilst creating a happier and more productive workforce.

More organisations are recognising the importance of providing stress relief opportunities for their staff at work.

Work related stress, anxiety and depression statistics in GB accounted for 37% of all sickness in 2015/16. (HSE GOV)

40-50% of organisations are seeing an increase in stress related absences. (CIPD)

Holistic Health provides a comprehensive range of professional stress relief and management services that takes care of you and your employee's health and wellbeing.


seated massage at work

stress management seminars

stress management workshops

A 10-15 minute head, neck and shoulder massage, sitting clothed at a desk or in a staff room etc, can help reduce stress, aid focus and clarity, whilst reducing tension, pain and headaches.
Bespoke packages available for staff to learn how to reduce and manage stress more effectively, creating a happier and more robust workforce. 
Appropriate for larger groups of staff who want a good quantity and quality of helpful knowledge and practical skills, presented in seminar style with little active participation.
Most appropriate for groups of 10 or less, who want to achieve maximum benefit from knowledge and skills learnt by actively participating, practising and reflecting on the skills and techniques delivered.
Excellent team building activity.

Please contact for more information and pricing of these services.

A free consultation of your business requirements prior to the commencement of any services will ensure that your staff's needs are met thoroughly.

benefits to your business

benefits to your staff

  • More productivity from motivated, happier staff.
  • Less likelihood of stress-related sickness absences.
  • Improved reputation of company for staff welfare.
  • Less stress, relaxed and focussed mind.
  • Less bodily tension.
  • Boosted morale.
  • Feeling refreshed ready to face challenges of the day (at work and at home).
Do you or your staff experience high stress levels, pressure achieving targets, physical tension or low staff morale in the workplace?