"One in four students suffer with mental health problems.
Students are under so much pressure to perform well, and often experiencing stress at home, resulting in an increase in anxiety, depression and other ill health conditions.
Self harm and suicidal ideation is also on the increase which is why it is so important to raise awareness of these issues to help prevent young people and mature students from spiralling into desperation and hopelessness.
Holistic Health is able to work with colleges and universities to provide group skills and information sessions to students, who have been identified through Student Health & Well-being Services, as requiring additional support in these areas. 
These seminars, workshops or drop-in clinics can enable students to increase their self awareness, learn helpful stress management and self-regulation techniques, balance their workload, feel more in control, and have a more positive outlook and well-being.

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While 63% of students say that they feel levels of stress that interfere with their day to day lives. "(YouGov)